Reasons to Use Policy Governance

Here are some of the reasons why using Policy Governance as a governing system will specifically help the APS Board, staff and community.

  • To clarify the purpose, job and role of the Board. Believing it acts on behalf of those who legally and morally "own" the District, the Board primarily owes its loyalty and attention to them.
  • To distinguish between what the Board should accomplish from what the Superintendent should accomplish-even though the Board is accountable for all that the Superintendent and District do or don't do.
  • To help staff and community better understand the role of the Board and the Superintendent, making it more clear about when the Board should become involved in District operations, and how the staff and community can help and influence the Board in carrying out its job.
  • To simultaneously, simply, rigorously and reasonably evaluate Superintendent and District performance according to previously stated expectations of the Board as a whole.
  • To establish and measure Superintendent and District performance standards for key stakeholders, including staff, students and parents.
  • To help the community better express its values and see them used by the Board and District, especially from an ownership perspective about what benefits should be created in the lives of which groups of students, and the priorities, trade-offs and costs of those benefits for those students, but also from an ownership perspective about any other community values concerning District performance.